A payroll case study

About the company


Jigsaw Trust is a large charity split into three divisions, all of which have different purposes:

  1. Jigsaw CABAS® School is an independent day school for children and young people with an autism spectrum disorder. Based in Surrey, the school has 60 placements for students aged 4-19 and provides a 1:1 staffing ratio with all pupils receiving an individualised curriculum and gaining exposure to a comprehensive outreach programme;
  2. Jigsaw+ extends Jigsaw’s provision to an adult audience over the age of 18. It offers educational, vocation and wellbeing services through its Centre for Lifelong Learning;
  3. Jigsaw Trust Café, established as a Social Enterprise, gives young people and adults with autism the opportunity to learn and develop valuable life skills in a genuine employment setting.

Ultimately combined, Jigsaw Trust has a team of 120 employees dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by autism through providing exceptional service and support.

The Challenge & Solution

Running a large charity comes with many challenges. Jigsaw Trust has a responsibility to their pupils, yet they still have to ensure the charity is running efficiently and that the day-to-day administration burdens are being taken care of. Having a small HR team means this, on occasion, proved challenging for the Jigsaw Trust and it became difficult to maintain the right balance between HR and the routine but essential tasks, such as payroll.

Our solution was to take away the financial and administrative burden of these routine tasks affording the team more time to spend on areas of greater interest and benefit to the charity.

Our results

Jigsaw Trust found that choosing Raffingers was a very beneficial decision for them. Through using our in-house experts for many of their daily tasks we were able to introduce new time-saving services, including:

  • ePayslips – ePayslips save Jigsaw Trust not only time, but money too. Through this system the team can communicate securely with each other, as well as provide key documentation at the click of a button.
  • Bacs – the bacs service was introduced to speed up direct payments to employees, HMRC and suppliers. It also helped to improve the charity’s cash flow.
  • Auto enrolment – auto enrolment is compulsory for all businesses. We were able to help Jigsaw Trust set up their auto enrolment process through ensuring that everything is set up correctly. We have guaranteed that the Jigsaw Trust is on track to meet their staging date and will not be fined in the process.

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  • “From a strategic perspective, we have found it invaluable having not only the day to day support of Raffingers but also access to their expertise and advice in helping plan our future growth most effectively.”

    Kate Grant, CEO, Jigsaw Trust