Planning For Success

About the company


First Class Day Nursery School Ltd is co-owned by Ginny Baker and Sharon Goate, who have been running the nursery for over 28 years.

The Day Nursery employs 42 staff and provides care and education for 180 families each week.

Based in Benfleet, Essex the nursery is officially approved by Essex Country Council and is rated ‘Outstanding by Ofsted’.

The Challenge & Solution

Raffingers provided bookkeeping services and annual accounts for the nursery. However, the owners did not have access to instant, up-to-date information and therefore were struggling to measure the business’ performance.

Following a meeting with Adam (Partner at Raffingers) and Imran (Cloud Management Accountant at Raffingers), Ginny and Sharon were introduced to Futrli and the many benefits it could provide, amongst which was the ability to provide insights into the business’ performance.

Just a bit about Futrli, it is not a traditional P&L reporting software. Instead, Futrli tracks any KPI of your choosing, as well as providing advanced forecasts. This means that not only can you measure your performance now, but you can decide where you want to be in five year’s time and through Futrli’s ‘what if’ and scenario planning features, you can see what needs to be done to get there.

Our results

Through being able to use Futrli for forecasting, Ginny and Sharon can now plan more effectively for the needs of the business.

Futrli has enabled Ginny and Sharon to keep a close eye on all aspects of their finances. They are now able to use Futrli to see reliable data on their business, their strengths and weaknesses and how the business is actually performing today. Through these insights action can be taken immediately on any negative data and peaks and trends can be monopolised.

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We talk the talk and walk the walk.

  • “We would highly recommend Futrli to anyone who wishes to establish and/or maintain a successful business venture.”

    Ginny Baker, First Class day Nursery School Ltd