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  • Tax On European Properties After BREXIT Tax On European Properties After BREXIT

    Despite a last-minute attempt at negotiations, the UK left leaving the European Union on the 31st December 2020 without a deal. See some of the tax implications for UK residents who own second homes in France or Spain.

  • Small Charity Week The MWX Foundation – Lessons for Trustees

    15th June 2021 has been designated as ‘big advice day’ as part of Small Charity Week. In that spirit, I thought it would be appropriate to take a deeper look at some of the advice given by the Charities Commission as part of a recent investigation.

  • Bounce Back Loan Help! I Can't Repay My Bounce Back Loan...

    One of the measures the government introduced during the pandemic, was the ability to obtain a coronavirus bounce back loan. Now, a year on, banks have begun writing to businesses reminding them that repayments are due to start soon.

  • Bean Counter More Than Just A Bean Counter!

    We always strive to provide the best service for our clients and to achieve that, our service fee levels must be commercially viable. Unfortunately, so many enquiries are following a growing trend... a cheaper price!

  • Cybercrime Tackling Cybercrime In The Charity Sector

    The pandemic is likely to affect charity funds in the next few years, together with reduced funding due to Brexit, so your charities cyber security is more important than ever. There is no better time to investigate cybercrime for charities!

  • Profit First A Profit First Success Story

    It appears that Profit First is getting a lot of traction in the UK, as I’m seeing more businesses asking for help to implement the method in their business. The method is extremely effective in putting you in control, but how exactly does it work?

  • Cashflow or Profit What's More Important, Cashflow or Profit?

    A question that often arises during conversations with clients is whether it is more important to ensure that the business is profitable, or that it is has a strong cashflow. The truth is that one should usually lead to the other!

  • HMRC Tax Enquiry An HMRC Tax Enquiry That Just Wouldn't Go Away!

    There's no better feeling as a tax professional than to let a client know that a long-running enquiry has been concluded! The feeling's even sweeter when the HMRC officer has been determined to prove that the client had been paying off-record wages.

  • The Start-up Business Kit The Start-up Business Kit

    The Financial, Tax and Accounting Considerations of Starting a New B usiness With this handy reference guide to starting a business, you should be able to successfully handle many of the problems encountered in starting and running a business. Alway

  • Help To Buy Is 'Help To Buy' As Good As It Seems?

    At first glance, the help to buy scheme appears to be an ideal way for prospective homeowners to purchase a home with a 5% deposit. However, a few factors should be carefully considered before committing to this scheme.


    We’re excited to announce that we have recently struck up a partnership with cost management consultancy - Reducer to offer our clients free and easy savings on their business utilities.

  • Art&Graft Research and Development Claim: A Huge Impact On Their Cashflow

    Neill guided the company through the R&D claim process and was able to claim over £70,000 in tax credit repayments, this had a huge positive impact on their cash flow and meant the company could take on more projects.

  • Electric Vehicle What Are The Tax Benefits Of Having An Electric Vehicle?

    What are the tax benefits both for the employer and the employee in switching to fully electric company cars and certain hybrids?

  • Accountancy Partner From Accountants to Accountancy Partners

    I have always personally liked to think we are the client’s unofficial business partner. It’s who we are – always on their side, always willing to help and always willing to go that extra mile to bring our skills and experience to bear on a problem.

  • R&D Tax From The Trenches: Richard’s Face Was An Absolute Picture

    I was introduced to a client and from our short conversation on the phone, I felt pretty sure that there were some qualifying activities and projects and was certainly more than happy to invest half a day to go and speak with Richard about it.


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