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  • Preparatory Phase Phases of Selling Your Business: Preparatory Phase

    The transaction from selling your business deserves to be a successful one. By going through these phases with your Raffingers advisor, you can feel sure that the sale of your business will go smoothly. Discover how to make that final sale great.

  • Help-to-buy Scheme Ending 2023 - What Alternatives Are There? Help-to-buy Scheme Ending 2023 - What Alternatives Are There?

    With the Help-to-buy scheme due to end its course in 2023, there is still little knowledge of what the government plans to do next to help first-time buyers get on the property ladder. That said, there are other options out there that can help.

  • What Is a Trust and What Are The Benefits of Setting One Up? What Is a Trust and What Are The Benefits of Setting One Up?

    When it comes to setting up a trust, the mere mention of forming any sort of Trust will have many people saying "it’s too complicated" and shying away from it. Here is an overview of what they are and when they can be useful.

  • New Builds And New Builds And "Snagging Issues" - The Pros & Cons Of Buying A New Build

    New build properties can be an attractive proposition to young, first-time buyers, especially with schemes such as Help To Buy to help them get on the property ladder, but what are the pros and cons you need to know?

  • Boosting Team Involvement - Get Your Team More Involved In The Business Boosting Team Involvement - Get Your Team More Involved In The Business

    Going from being just staff to becoming fully-fledged team members is a transition that means a lot. Retention and making your team members feel valued & happy plays a larger impact on your business than you’d think!

  • Can the young generation become first time buyers? How Can The Younger Generation Escape The Rent Trap?

    Possibly the most important and largest purchase most people will make is that of a home. For the millions of first-time buyers in the UK, rising property prices means owning a home remains a dream, causing many to get stuck in the rent trap.

  • Deadline For Trusts The Deadline For Registering Trusts Is Approaching Fast.

    Trusts which do not have a tax liability must register by September 2022, and around one million trusts still need to register by then or face potential penalties. If I were you, I would make sure I wasn't part of that one million...

  • Tax From The Trenches Tax From The Trenches: Avoid Silly Mistakes And Hire An Expert Accountant Now!

    If your car goes wrong you take it to a mechanic, if your electricity goes wrong you ring an electrician. But as soon as someone gets a letter from HMRC suddenly people want to save money by doing tax DIY. Wrong! Consult your accountant ASAP to help.

  • fundraising Boost Your Charity Now With These Online Fundraising Platforms

    If you have a charity, you should consider a online fundraising site. In recent years, a big explosion of online fundraising platforms have entered the market so discover in this article which platforms are best suited to boost your charity in 2022.

  • ditch the spreadsheet Ditch Using a Spreadsheet For Your Business Financials Today

    Are you still managing your financials on a spreadsheet? If that's a yes then we can help. Discover how we helped our ecommerce client transform her business and free up on time by transferring her finances to a streamlined cloud software.

  • FOF Roundup Faces of Fintech: The Roundup

    Get to know the taste makers and the innovators behind the UK’s most ground-breaking digital business solutions. Let's recap what we've learnt from our Faces of Fintech series!

  • Eating or Heating? How to Best Prioritise Your Business' Expenses During the 'Big Pinch' Eating or Heating? How to Best Prioritise Your Business' Expenses During the 'Big Pinch'

    As the cost-of-living crisis only seems to be getting worse, you need to think about how to protect your business. By using the Profit First ethos, learn how you can cut unnecessary expenses and free up cash to support your business.

  • Charities How Is The Cost of Living Crisis Affecting Charities?

    As living costs increase rapidly due to global economic and political factors, charities are starting to struggle. As the cost of food, fuel and accommodation rises, more people are having to turn to charities for support exasperating the situation.

  • latest ecommerce trends The Latest E-commerce Trends in 2022

    Online shopping makes things so much easier by having our favourite things dropped to our doors. But what is missed by the traditional way of shopping for our goods? Discover the latest eCommerce trends and how traditional is getting revolutionised!

  • Get the retirement you deserve! How To Guarantee The Retirement You Deserve!

    One of the biggest issues people have to deal with is whether they can afford to actually retire. In this article discover how to ensure you get the retirement you deserve and what steps you can take to boost the longevity of your pension fund!


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