How To Improve Client Experience With Connect4 - The Client Meeting App

Monday 11 April 2022

Written by Emma Cohen

How To Improve Client Experience With Connect4 - The Client Meeting App

How To Improve Client Experience With Connect4 - The Client Meeting App

As soon as I mention the name ‘Connect4’, the first initial response I get is “are you referring to the game?!”, but the name is what makes it so memorable. So, when I am speaking about Connect4, I am not referring to the board-game, but instead referring to the cloud meeting platform, designed to make every client meeting count.

I first met with Andrew Jordan, Co-Founder and CEO of Connect4 back in December 2021, as he was part of our Faces of Fintech series. The call itself was to learn more about Andrew, his career prior to developing a ground-breaking software, the motivation behind the development and what’s next. At that point, I had researched the meeting platform itself, but it was not until I heard Andrew explain Connect4 in further detail that I instantly realised we were missing a piece of the puzzle regarding our meeting structure and system.

As the world is changing, so are we. More and more meetings are now being held remotely instead of face to face. Based on a survey we sent out to our clients here at Raffingers, 20% prefer digital meetings whereas 35% prefer a mix of both.

So, what makes Connect4 so great and so different to the competitive meeting platforms available on the market today? Unlike platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams, Connect4 is specifically designed for client-facing businesses and their clients. Connect4 believe that great client meetings form the foundations that successful businesses are built upon, and I could not agree more!

An example of the key features available are:


o    Create and share agendas before you meet

o    Make your own agenda templates

o    Share documents and resources with clients ahead of time 


o    Host branded video meetings via the Cloud

o    Record public and private meeting notes in the same place you meet

o    Set actions for you, your team, and your clients


o    Monitor actions as they are completed

o    Access clear and transparent records of every decision

o    Make progress and demonstrate your value

Fast forward to today, we are now using Connect4 internally here at Raffingers as we believe the platform has helped us improve the structure of our meetings, as well as providing us and our clients with important resources, all within one platform. We have since received positive feedback, especially around meetings being more constructive. I am really excited to start using the platform with more of our clients!

If you do have any questions with regards to our Digital Solutions services or using Connect4 internally for your business, please do not hesitate to contact me on or click here.

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