Transformation Tales - How Our Digital Solutions Transformed Businesses

Monday 21 March 2022

Written by Emma Cohen

Transformation Tales - How Our Digital Solutions Transformed Businesses

Transformation Tales - How Our Digital Solutions Transformed Businesses 

A ‘Digital Solution’ is a term used to describe a solution that incorporates the use of digital technology to solve a problem, but that problem might not always be a bad problem, and instead of one that just requires our expertise.

A scenario that requires a Digital Solution might simply be as follows – a new start up business, which has recently acquired their premises but do not yet have a streamlined system to assist with taking card payments, online orders, bookings and managing their financials.

The answer to the top 4 above points, is a streamlined, efficient system that is accessible via the cloud. That is where transforming a business with a digital solution starts.

I have recently worked with a client, who is the founder of a health and juice bar based in Upminster. They specialise in health services such as cryotherapy and IV drips, whilst having a separate side to the business which is a juice and smoothie bar.

It is always great and exciting to be approached by a client, especially for our expertise and advice, as that is what we do best. So, when I was approached to help assist and provide my expertise on building an app stack to streamline their brand-new start-up business, how could I resist!

I have one rule before I ever attempt to build an app stack, which is chat first, build later. No one knows their business better than the founder and owner themselves, which is why I like to meet with all our clients, to understand their requirements, how they want the business to run and how prone they are to adopting tech. Based on that initial conversation, I then get down to work.

Once I had met with our client, the founder of a health and juice bar, I had an idea of the requirements for a system and put forward my recommendations which were as follows:

  • Square - Square is a system that offers a suite of business software, point-of-sale (POS) systems, payment hardware products, and business services

Our client required a system which provided point of sales, loyalty rewards, gift cards, stock control, marketing & an appointment system, as well as providing a great looking and easy to use hardware products.

Square provided the requirements such as loyalty rewards, gift cards, daily financial reports, and a smooth and efficient booking system. We made the decision, together, that this all-in-one system would be strong enough to run and assist all main aspects of the business.

  • XeroCloud based accounting platform

With over 3 million subscribers using Xero, we here at Raffingers are specialists in Xero and the fact it integrates with Square so seamlessly, it was a no brainer! Our client wanted a cloud accounting software, which was easy to use and provides him with an insight of live data into his business, as well as being able to file compliance, such as VAT returns, via one portal.

Now a few months on, we have a great system in place and have received great feedback in regard to how efficiently the system is working!

Should you be interested in a system review, or my recommendations in regard to building an appropriate app stack in order to streamline your business, please do not hesitate to contact me on or click here to get in touch

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