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  • Was COVID-19 A Missed Opportunity For The Charity Sector? Was COVID-19 A Missed Opportunity For The Charity Sector?

    The Charity Commission did a survey of approximately 2000 charities to try and understand the impact that COVID-19 pandemic had on their operations. The highest impact was the postponement or cancellation of planned work or events.

  • Some Fang-tastically Business Stories Some Fang-tastically Scary Business Stories

    “For some of us, Halloween is everyday” - Tim Burton. Our partners would certainly agree that some days in the office are ones to try and forget! In the spirit of Halloween, we felt it was a good time to share some of our scary business stories.

  • Budget Summary Autumn Budget 2021 - Overview

    With the country desperate for a rebound, many had been hoping for the Autumn Budget initiatives to encourage growth and stimulate the economy. In this article, we review the Chancellors Autumn Budget announcements.

  • Dear Future Accountant Dear Future Accountant - Lee Manning's Story

    Attention all future accountants! Do you ever wonder what you need to do to get into the profession? Lucky for you, Lee Manning shares his success tips and what it is really like to be an accountant. Read on to clear up your unanswered questions...

  • Spooky Business Stories Spooky Business Stories

    Halloween is normally a time for festivities. High spirits in the office in anticipation for who will be crowned ‘Best Halloween Costume of The Year’. But unfortunately this is no normal year.

  • Employee Ownership Trusts Employee Ownership Trusts

    An EOT is a special form of employee benefit trust introduced by the Government in 2014 to encourage more shareholders to set up a corporate structure similar to the John Lewis model. In this guide we have explained how a sale to an EOT works.

  • Holiday Home Tax Considerations When Renting Out Your Holiday Home

    A holiday home is a dream for many people. For those lucky enough to actually be able to invest in their dream holiday home, the question is often “to rent or not to rent?”. We summarise the tax considerations if you decide to rent it out.

  • National Insurance What Does The Rise Of National Insurance Mean For Employers And Employees?

    The government recently announced that there would be an increase of 1.25% to National Insurance, from the 2022/23 tax year. We look at how these changes will affect employers and employees differently, and assess any tax allowances available.

  • Making Tax Digital What's Going On With Making Tax Digital?

    Making Tax Digital (MTD) was first introduced in April 2019 for most VAT registered businesses with turnover exceeding the VAT registration threshold of £85,000. We look at all of the requirements and criteria of MTD, that are fast approaching.

  • 2021 Autumn Budget Predictions 2021 Autumn Budget Predictions

    There's lots of speculation around the upcoming Autumn Budget on 27th October, as to how the government will pay off their debt built up during the pandemic. Following some extensive research, we've outlined the main issues needing to be addressed.

  • Recovery Loan Scheme Last Chance To Claim The Recovery Loan Scheme

    Has your business been affected by Covid-19? Is your business engaged in trading activity in the UK? You may be eligible for the recovery loan scheme and now is your last chance to claim!

  • QR Codes The Resurrection Of QR Codes

    The QR code was invented in 1994 however, it took the Covid-19 pandemic for them to really catch on. This has triggered a new opportunity for business owners to use QR codes for marketing, advertising, e-payments, wifi & more!

  • tax investigation for property investor Caution - Not All Accountants Can Be Trusted

    A great example proving that not all accountants are to be trusted, and that HMRC are not always the bad guys…

  • buy to let Are Properties Still a Practical Investment for Buy-to-Let Landlords?

    Over the past few years, there have been some massive tax increases as part of a wider strategy believed to be designed to take the heat out of the property market, in this blog we assess the impact of those changes.

  • Charity campaign Why Charities Have To Earn The Trust Of The Public

    Charities are reliant on the generosity of the public and therefore need to work hard to maintain the trust of the public. It is important that charities are seen to be controlled and managed properly by their trustees.


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