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  • 35 Under 35 Mehul Thaker Named By The Accountancy Age As One Of 35 Under 35

    The Accountancy Age 35 under 35 rankings seek to highlight the rising stars of the accountancy profession, featuring those who have made great professional contributions to the field and their individual firms.

  • Our podcast journey How It All Started: Beyond The Balance Sheet Podcast

    Now that we have concluded Series 2 of our Beyond The Balance Sheet podcast, Raffingers Partner and Co-Host Lee Manning, reminisces on what he has learnt from this series as well as discussing exactly how we got to where we are now!

  • Startup Business Kit The Startup Business Kit

    It is the ambition of many people to run their own business. However, venturing into the world of a start up comes with a large number of risks. This kit highlights many of the points you should consider before starting your own business.

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  • Employeee benefits Employee Benefits and Retaining Team Members

    Surveys from recruitment agencies and exit interviews still show one of the main reasons employees leave a company is down to inadequate salaries or benefits. Find out how to retain team members below!

  • celebration Emma Cohen Shortlisted For Best Digital Rising Star

    Emma Cohen, of Woodford based accountants, Raffingers has made the top 10 shortlists for ‘Best Digital Rising Star’ at the Digital Accountancy Awards. Organised by the Digital Accountancy Show.

  • Top Tax Return Mistakes To Avoid Top Tax Return Mistakes To Avoid

    Your Self-Assessment Tax Return is due on the 31st January, so now is the perfect time for you to be submitting this - leaving plenty of time to spare. We asked our tax partner Neill, about the top tax return mistakes that people should avoid.

  • Profit first If Only Every Business Had Implemented Profit First Pre-Pandemic

    Over the past two years, Raffingers Partner, Lee Manning has helped clients implement Profit First into their businesses. Profit First is a fantastic cash management system that allows businesses to keep an eye on their cash and increase profits.

  • Cloud Dext Prepare - Cloud Invoice Processing Software

    Many businesses have made the transition to the cloud and with employees and business owners working from home, it has lead to an increase in expense claims. Due to this increase, the software Dext Prepare has grown in popularity and here is why...

  • Tax proposal Do New UK Tax Proposals Have Any Merit?

    As we emerge from the Covid pandemic there has been a steady flow of proposals for new taxes – some from senior civil servants and respected members in industry. Do these proposals have any merit and will they work?

  • cyber Should Your Business Accept Bitcoin Payments?

    Raffingers Partner, Suda Ratman, talks about the rise of the crypto currency Bitcoin and what businesses should take into account before making the revolutionary decision of embracing it as a payment method.

  • Matthew Porter Quote An Interview With Matthew Porter, Chief Executive of the Professional Darts Corporation

    Matt has been the Chief Executive of the PDC since 2008, and has worked for the parent company Matchroom sports since 2001. Matchroom and the PDC are well known for their leading lights, Founder, Barry Hearn, and his son, Eddie Hearn.

  • Business Advisor So Much More Than Just "Simple Accountancy"

    So much of our work these days is so much more than just ‘simple accountancy’. Clients increasingly use us as a sounding board, they can use to help talk business issues with. Check out how we helped this business win a highly profitable contract.

  • Why Self-Promotion Isn't A Dirty Word - An Interview with Stefanie Sword Williams Why Self-Promotion Isn't A Dirty Word - An Interview with Stefanie Sword Williams

    Ashlee interviews Stefanie Sword Williams, founder, author and speaker at F*ck being humble. They cover the importance of self promotion and the lack of female representation in the creative industry along with how to tackle imposter syndrome!

  • London Property Market London Property Investment Market - Good, Bad and Ugly

    We wrote an article in May of 2018 in relation to the London Property Investment Market. But a lot has changed in that period of time! So how has the market performed over the last three years and what is the current forecast for the future?

  • HMRC Tax Enquiry Receiving A COP9 CDF Letter From HMRC

    In the last few months, we have seen increased activity from HMRC’s Fraud Investigation Service. In this article, Neill thought this would be a good opportunity to talk about COP9 and what you need to do if you receive a COP9 CDF letter from HMRC.


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