Fixing Problems In Property Through Digital Solutions

Thursday 27 January 2022

Fixing Problems In Property Through Digital Solutions

Fixing Problems In Property Through Digital Solutions | Webinar 

According to research, the biggest challenges property business owners face include, lack of live data, issues with efficiency, lack of mobility, mitigating risk and growth. That's why we joined forces with Re-Leased to help you combat those challenges through the power of digital. 

Our Speakers:


Grace Thomson, Partnerships at Re-leased - Led by a passion for finding cloud-based solutions to age-old problems, Grace educates the property industry about the evolution of technology within the sector. Grace leads Re-Leased's Partner network in the UK working with professional services firms to assist them to offer systems advice to their property clients. 

Bary Soraff, Partner at Raffingers - Barry was born into a family of accountants but grew up wanting to be an airline pilot.  Having been persuaded that he may be better suited to a more “feet on the ground” profession, he found a passion that he never knew existed, took his exams and qualified at the age of 22. Barry was a partner at Raffingers by the age of 26 and has now been with us in one form or another for nearly thirty years. Despite still regarding himself as a frustrated pilot, he has grown to love his new life: “I can go on a plane anytime I want but not many pilots will experience the pleasure of walking into a room, facing down a long list of problems and leaving having helped a client to find solutions to all of them.”

Emma Cohen, Digital Solutions Manager at Raffingers  - With over 6 years in professional services, Emma has seen first-hand the pitfalls business owners get into time and time again and is passionate about helping business owners solve their problems with digital solutions. As a millennial, Emma has grown up surrounded by the world of technology and has seen how beneficial it can be to support every function of a business, from accounts and finances through to sales and marketing. Whether you want to streamline and automate your current business processes or reduce the dreaded feeling of having to manually update the books, Emma can help you with the solution that enables you to achieve your goals and improve your operations.

In this webinar you will discover how to:

  • Get better clarity over areas such as rent arrears, communicating service charges and transparency across key tasks across the portfolio.
  • Spend less time on manual tasks via the powers of automation, and how easier systems can help you better ramp-up new team members. 
  • Use technology to make you less reliant on being in the office doing paper-based tasks, and how you use this to implement better flexible working environments and appeal to millennial and Gen Z staff. 
  • Mitigate risks including missing key dates such as rent reviews or missed revenue.

If you're interested in knowing more, please get in touch with us or email directly for more information!

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