Accountancy Services for Recruitment Agencies

Maximising Financial Efficiency and Growth for Recruitment Businesses

Accountancy Services for Recruitment Agencies

Your Trusted Partners in Recruitment Accounting

At Raffingers, we specialise in providing comprehensive accountancy services tailored specifically for recruitment agencies. With our deep understanding of the unique challenges and dynamics of the recruitment industry, we are your trusted partners in maximising financial efficiency, ensuring compliance, and driving sustainable growth. Our team of experienced accountants combines industry expertise, advanced tools, and innovative strategies to help recruitment businesses achieve their goals and stay ahead of the competition.


Strategic Accounting Solutions for Recruitment Agencies

Customised Financial Support to Drive Success in Recruitment

  • Mergers and acquisitions advice

    Merging or acquiring another business can give you the chance to grow your market share and achieve your business goals. Our strategic advisers will ensure you are taking the right steps in order to make the best decisions moving forward.
  • Raising Finance

    Whether you are looking to raise finance for a particular project, thinking about growing through acquisition or looking to sell, our Raising Finance team has the expertise to help you achieve the right solution for your business.
  • Cashflow Forecasting

    Recruitment agencies operate in a dynamic and competitive environment. Our financial forecasting and planning services help you make strategic decisions to optimize your growth potential. We'll analyse industry trends, revenue projections, and candidate demand to provide you with actionable insights that will drive your agency's success. Stay ahead of the curve with our strategic financial guidance.
  • Tax Planning

    Navigating the complex tax landscape in the recruitment industry can be challenging. Our team stays up to date with the latest tax laws and regulations specific to recruitment agencies. We will work closely with you to develop a tax strategy that minimizes liabilities, maximises deductions, and ensures compliance with all applicable tax requirements. Focus on your core business while we handle your tax obligations.
  • Payroll

    Managing payroll for temporary workers, contractors, and permanent staff can be time-consuming and complex. Our accountancy services include efficient payroll management, ensuring accurate and timely payments, compliance with employment regulations, and handling tax and National Insurance contributions. Streamline your payroll processes and minimise administrative burdens with our expertise.
  • Profit First

    It's time to get profitable! Our Cashflow Improvement System ensures the financial health of your business. Month to month, you'll experience your business becoming more and more financially healthy AND profitable.
  • Cloud Integration

    Learn how to manage your money, be smart with your choices and take control of your finances instead of them controlling you.
  • Marketing and Brand Strategy

    Our team of marketing specialists will help you to develop an integrated marketing strategy that will be designed with your business goals in mind.
  • Exit Planning

    Exit planning allows you to transition your business to new ownership in a managed and systematic way. Whether you want to sell, pass on to a family member or just simply take a step back – taking time to plan now will benefit all involved.
  • Start-up Recruitment Agencies

    We can help you decide if you need to use factoring, what KPI’s you should be measuring, help with your projections, and generally get your agency off the ground.


Miles Nicholls - Director at City Executive

Miles Nicholls discusses how Raffingers and Xero have transformed his recruitment business, enabling him to access all of his financial information in one place in order to help drive his business forward. Since working with Raffingers they have a much tighter view of day-to-day metrics allowing them to know month to month and quarter to quarter how much revenue they are going to be generating.

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Empower Your Recruitment Agency with Free Downloadable Resources

Valuable Tools and Insights to Excel in the Recruitment Industry

Access our collection of free downloadable resources designed to provide valuable support and guidance for your recruitment agency. From candidate interview guides and onboarding checklists to compliance handbooks and industry trend reports, these resources are specifically tailored to address the unique challenges faced by recruitment professionals. Empower your agency, enhance your hiring processes, and stay informed in the ever-evolving world of recruitment.


Though being recruitment sector specialists, you can expect unique insights and expert advice to help you run a sustainable and successful recruitment business.


We talk the talk and walk the walk.

  • Raffingers are a vital part of our business. Their entire team are always available to us whether to bounce ideas off or to provide detailed help and support. Their advice has been invaluable as has been their knowledge of the recruitment sector.

    Steve Porter, Director at The Placement Group
  • The reports that we receive monthly provide us with the essential real-time data that we need to stay on-top of our business finances. Outside of an exceptional service, the team are great to work with and a great asset to my business.

    Conan Mulvey, Director of Radley Green


We love to talk business and will continue to share with you our business advice and tax planning strategies, helping you to get the most out of your business and your personal finances.

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