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Learn how to manage your money, be smart with your choices and take control of your finances instead of them controlling you.

Outgrown Xero? We’ve got you covered! We’ve partnered with Iplicit which is designed for companies who have outgrown Xero. 



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Raffingers Digital Solutions was launched earlier this year with a clear vision: to empower forward-thinking business owners to harness the power of technology, improve ways of working and transform their businesses.

Our digital journey started in 2015 with the launch of our Cloud Accounting Department. We were ahead of the curve in recognising the benefits that business owners could discover through technology. Since then, we have worked with clients to migrate over to cloud accounting systems such as Xero, take control of their finances, and deal with the many changing faces of Making Tax Digital.  

Fast forward to now and technology has evolved at a rapid pace. Through the powers of digital, we are now able to provide transformational improvements on the way that businesses can operate, manage their finances, access information, and even market their businesses.  

These changes have led us to the official launch of Raffingers Digital Solutions, and we can’t wait to dive deep into your business and help you take it to the next level through the powers of technology. 




    Book a complimentary consultation with our Digital Solutions specialist so that we can deep dive into your business, understand your key challenges, analyse where you are now and start designing where you could be in the future. 


    Following the initial consultation, we will design a plan that will help you achieve your business and personal goals through the powers of technology. In this plan, we provide an analysis of your existing systems and processes, and prepare a roadmap of how our digital solutions can help you to streamline your business and experience transformative impact.


    Once we have agreed on the plan, we will get your business set up on the required systems and make sure your team are comfortable using them. 


  • Cloud Healthcheck

    We will carry out a review of the current cloud system you have in place, in order to determine if the data is kept tidy and if there is any room for improvement with regards to efficiencies and cost savings. 

  • System Design & Implementation

    You will receive a custom design and implementation of a brand new system that helps streamline all areas of your business. 

  • App Training

    Whether you have digital solutions or apps you currently use but don't quite have the hang of, or we recommend you something new, we can provide you with full training so that you feel confident with the software you are using.   

  • Systems Review

    We will conduct a full systems review of your current operational processes, financial data system, and business organisational structure, and provide recommendations on improvements and changes.   

  • App Implementation

    Implementing suggested or recommended apps in-line with your current system. 

  • 1-1 Consultations

    We can provide you with 1-1 consultations to discuss a systems review, answer any questions, or simply provide advice and support on your internal operations. This can be one-off or on-going. 



We talk the talk and walk the walk.

  • The reports that we receive monthly provide us with the essential real-time data that we need to stay on-top of our business finances. Outside of an exceptional service, the team are great to work with and a great asset to my business.

    Conan Mulvey, Director at Radley Green


We love to talk business and will continue to share with you our business advice and tax planning strategies, helping you to get the most out of your business and your personal finances.

Digital Solutions: The Tech That Drives Your Business

How To Create a Repeating a Payment With Crezco

In this mini-series, we showcase the very best software for your business needs that make your dreaded tasks easy and stress-free!

The software featured will show you how to streamline business processes, stay on top of your finances and better manage your cash flow.

Our team of digital solutions advisors can come up with a bespoke solution for you to ensure that your business runs the way it should. 

  • Re-leased Xero Integration
    Re-leased Xero Integration
    Monday 18 October 2021
    Integrating Re-Leased with Xero accounting software is a breeze. Their seamless integration with Xero lets you reconcile your rental receipts and expenses instantly.
  • Chaser Benefits
    Chaser Benefits
    Monday 18 October 2021
    Your invoices paid on time, in less time, sounds good right? Watch this Chaser demo to find out how to make accounting easier and less time consuming for your business!
  • The Key Features Of Xero
    The Key Features Of Xero
    Monday 18 October 2021
    In video with Xero, Danielle and Becca demonstrate some of software's main features and how you can use Xero to make your business more efficient.
  • Getting Rid Of Paper With Dext Prepare
    Getting Rid Of Paper With Dext Prepare
    Tuesday 19 October 2021
    Many businesses have converted over to cloud accounting. In this video, Dext Prepare show you how quick and easy their software is! Say goodbye to paper, printing and scanning and save you and your business time with Dext Prepare.
  • Real Time Updates With Unleashed Integrated With Xero
    Real Time Updates With Unleashed Integrated With Xero
    Friday 22 October 2021
    Unleashed with Xero is a powerful business tool for those that want an accurate inventory management system to control stock movements in real-time. Unleashed allows you to you can focus on more important things like sales.
  • Xero Setup and Invoice Example With Crezco
    Xero Setup and Invoice Example With Crezco
    Tuesday 15 March 2022
    Crezco’s payment solution is integrated with Xero. It’s a promising alternative to the likes of Stripe, GoCardless and PayPal. Users continue to send invoices from their Xero account as normal, with no need to adapt and learn any new software.
  • How To Create a Repeating a Payment With Crezco
    How To Create a Repeating a Payment With Crezco
    Tuesday 15 March 2022
    Discover how to create a repeating payment with Crezco that links with your Xero account which is great for subscription type businesses. Crezco offers to make payments cheaper and faster, but no less convenient.


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