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Learn how to manage your money, be smart with your choices and take control of your finances instead of them controlling you.

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Do you have a clear and effective system for managing your cashflow?

Are you prepared for any financial scenario that comes your way?

Are you enjoying financial reward and profitability that come from your well-run business?

Are you confidently prepared to pay the appropriate amount of taxes?

Do you feel in control of your business?

If you answered NO to any the above questions, then our Cashflow Improvement System could be for you. 

Based on the methodology outlined in Mike Michalowicz’s bestselling book: Profit First, our system has been designed to make your business more profitable than it has ever been.

Pretty much all the entrepreneurs we meet with seem to face the same struggles. They work their asses off and see very little financial reward from that hard work. If right now you were to write down how many hours you put into your work and the money you get in return, we think you might fit into the above box too.

When it comes to running a business, decisions like how much to pay yourself, when to hire staff, or how to handle cash flow can leave even the most savvy entrepreneurs doubting their ability to run a healthy business.

Clarity is essential, in every financial choice you make. Our proven process has helped business owners just like you, simplify the business end of their office and start getting generous profits they deserve. 




It's time to get profitable! Our Cashflow Improvement System ensures the financial health of your business undergoes rapid improvement. Month to month, you'll experience your business becoming more and more financially healthy AND profitable.


    It all begins with a deep-dive discovery call so that we can get a sense of your goals, and so you can gain an understanding of our unique approach and how you can begin to architect your cashflow. We need to understand where you are in order to work out where you are going. We will explore deep into the financial history of your business, gather an understanding of what is possible, why others achieve success, what numbers can be improved and how.


    We will use the results of your assessment to make a customised plan for your business to turn things around for you and get you into profit. Or, if you are already profitable - to significantly increase your profit. We will then take that plan and turn it into key actions. These actions include helping you to set up financial systems and processes, cutting unnecessary expenses, making your allocations and reviewing your 7 key drivers.


    We will meet either monthly or quarterly to review your plan and determine the next steps to meet your profit goals. During our meetings, you will get to ask us any questions you have about optimising expenses, opportunities to increase revenue, destroy debt, and next steps for implementing Profit First. The teamwork phase is essential in holding you accountable to the changes, and helping you implement them with success.


  • Rest easy knowing you are equipped and prepared for any financial scenario that comes your way.

  • Finally receive a healthy return from your life’s biggest investment, as you begin confidently and consistently paying yourself a healthy salary.

  • Feel settled, knowing that your business is running strong and you are reaping the rewards.



Our firm was selected, over hundreds of competitors, to provide businesses with guidance and support using the Profit First methods. Our Profit First Certified Professionals will help you setup and follow a system that brings clarity and direction to every financial choice you make. You’ll run your office like a business-pro and confidently enjoy strong returns from your life’s work.


We talk the talk and walk the walk.

  • Raffingers have been invaluable in helping us start up our production company.  And by implementing the Profit First system, we are able to track our cash flow, allocate our costs in advance and manage our growth prudently. Have already recommended them to other start ups in our field.

    Kirsty Hunter, Founder of Story Hunter Ltd
  • We moved to Raffingers after setting up our new business on the "Profit First" system. We were looking for an accountant that understood the methodology that could help us clarify some questions we had. The only certified firm was Raffingers but they were at the other end of the country. Despite me saying clearly that I wanted someone I could meet face to face, Paul spent some time looking at my figures anyway and gave me some really helpful advice without any hope of having a client at the end of it. This changed my mind. Technology bridges the distance gap easily these days and their support is attentive and diligent. They have already put in place measures that have saved me more than their fees in tax, and the quarterly catch ups have been scheduled and honoured on time - something that helps me stay on top of my business.

    Louisa Henry, Director at Opposite Café Limited


We love to talk business and will continue to share with you our business advice and tax planning strategies, helping you to get the most out of your business and your personal finances.

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