We work with businesses at all stages of their business cycle, from those just starting up a construction business, to those planning their exit strategy.


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We are a dedicated team of experienced accountants who specialise in serving the unique financial needs of construction businesses. With our in-depth knowledge and unwavering commitment to the sector, we can help your construction company overcome financial challenges, streamline operations, and achieve long-term success.



Whether your construction company is involved as main contractor or subcontractor, having a specialist team of construction advisors and tax specialists on your side is the secret ingredient on building and maintaining a successful and sustainable business.


  • Setting up a limited company

    We can set up your company and provide all the statutory documents necessary and register for VAT and obtain a PAYE scheme.
  • Preparation of Annual Accounts

    You will receive a jargon-free annual report showcasing an overview of your businesses finances, helping you to understand day-to-day operational costs, profit, loss, taxes and more.
  • Tax Planning and CIS

    We work closely with a number of leading tax counsels and are able to help you implement non-aggressive tax planning structures to keep your tax bills to a minimum.
  • Cashflow Management and Projections

    We will create a cashflow forecast for you so that you can gain a deeper understanding of your finances and treat the underlying causes of poor cashflow.
  • Personal Tax Returns

    One of our qualified, experienced experts will work with you to complete and submit your tax return (no matter how complex) to HMRC on time. Our team will ensure you do not incur late filing penalties and will let you know how much tax you owe.
  • Payroll Services

    We can handle payrolls for businesses with 2 to 200 employees, as well as ensuring you are compliant with the auto-enrolment scheme.
  • VAT Calculations and Returns

    Whether you need help managing your VAT returns, annual accounts or are looking for software- such as Xero, Sage or QuickBooks- we will help you find the best solutions for your business.
  • Determining the Profitability of Construction Activities and Projects

    We can split your revenue and costs to determine the profit on each project.
  • R&D Tax Relief

    We're here to help you discover whether your construction company qualifies for R&D tax credits and to support you through the process of submitting the claim.
  • Exit Planning

    Exit planning allows you to transition your business to new ownership in a managed and systematic way. Whether you want to sell, pass on to a family member or just simply take a step back – taking time to plan now will benefit all involved.
  • Raising Finance

    Whether you are looking to raise finance for a particular project, thinking about growing through acquisition or looking to sell, our Raising Finance team has the expertise to help you achieve the right solution for your business.
  • Wealth Management

    We deliver independent financial advice on all of your financial planning needs via our Joint Venture Partnership.
  • Xero Implementation

    When you work in the construction sector, it's important to get an up-to-date view of the numbers while you are on the move. Xero also syncs seamlessly with over 800+ third party apps which you can use for inventory management, project management, time tracking, and more.


The client had an opportunity to purchase an old pub and was seeking planning permission to raise the old building and erect 4 new flats above a commercial unit, before selling them on. He was planning on quitting his day job and entering the world of property development, overseeing this project himself.

If all went well, he was planning to start up a property project management company to oversee the development of future projects for other property clients. The challenge was that the client had no experience in property development and project management, other than owning a few properties himself, and had not considered any tax planning with regards to VAT. 


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Gary, Andrew and Barry look after a team of in-house advisers who specialise in the world of construction.

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We talk the talk and walk the walk.

  • I am pleased to say that I have been using the services of Raffingers for a few years now. Previously, for many, many years I was using NWN Blue Squared, until they merged with Raffingers. I was naturally hesitant of dealing with new personel, however, I must qualify this now by saying that the level of service has even improved! I particularly like their charter whereby they state calls will be responded to within 3 hours and so far, I have never been let down. I have been able to get answers to several important issues and am very happy to recommend them to any potential clients.

    Eddie Turze, Managing Director of ET Bricks


We love to talk business and will continue to share with you our business advice and tax planning strategies, helping you to get the most out of your business and your personal finances.