What do your candidates really think of you?

Friday 24 January 2020

What do your candidates really think of you?

Understanding your candidates’ opinion of you is essential for your future growth. Without getting feedback it is impossible for you to know if you are meeting your candidate’s needs and if any improvements need to be made to your existing service to improve the candidate experience.

A report by Feefo released August 2018 for the recruitment sector revealed mixed feedback. Did you know, of the respondents:

  • 92% trusted the agency they used
  • 26% believed the agency they used was only interested in picking up a fee
  • 24% believed the agency did not meet their requirements
  • 46% believed the agency was helpful

Are these insights true of your agency? Do you need to invest in improving your agency’s reputation? Or, are you outperforming the market? Feefo’s full report can be downloaded here. It gives some great insights and allows you to compare how your agency is performing against these industry standards.

More satisfied candidates will be loyal, will use your services in the future and are more likely to recommend your agency.

Do you know what your candidates think of you? Do you regularly ask your candidates for feedback? Do you follow feedback up?

NPS (Net Promoter Score) is the best way for you to measure your candidate satisfaction levels and compare these levels against your competitors. Through the NPS you will be able to understand who your promoters are and who will help your agency to grow. You will also know who the Passives and Detractors are, identifying those that are more susceptible to your competitors, are not satisfied and may even cause damage to your brand if not dealt with.

Once you know your NPS score you can then act and identify areas that you and your team must improve to deliver a successful candidate experience.

It is recommended you collect customer feedback throughout the year, as a candidates’ experience will change as they move through the job hunting process and you need to understand customer satisfaction at different touch points.

If you have long term ambitions to grow and achieve sustainable growth, it is important for you to understand your candidates and how you can meet their needs. This is especially true with technology changing, candidates expect more – more personalisation, more communication. Your agency needs to adapt and keep up with customer expectations, which can only be achieved if you are getting regular feedback.

We are specialist accountants for the recruitment sector. For more business growth advice, contact Lee Manning at

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