How To Get a Grip On Your Business - Book Review of Traction

Friday 22 April 2022

Written by Lee Manning

How To Get a Grip On Your Business - Book Review of Traction

How To Get a Grip On Your Business - Book Review of Traction

I cannot express how important this book is if you run a business! I have read many business books and thought Michael Gerber’s The E-Myth was the most influential book I had read. That was until I came across Traction, written by Gino Wickman.

So why is this book so different to all the other business books on the market? Firstly, there is no jargon and it’s written in a language that anyone can understand. Secondly, it all makes perfect common sense! How can you grow a business without knowing where you are going, what your core values are and what your core purpose is? Thirdly, you have to make sure you are surrounded by the right people, with whom are working in the right seats and are held accountable.

We discovered the power of this book and, prior to lockdown, we implemented the process in our practice. We are in our second year following the tools and the 6 modules, and the results have been amazing. We now have meetings with a set agenda and we solve issues in every meeting. We are held accountable and we hit our quarterly Rocks (goals) every time, which helps move the practice forward. The team are aware of our long term goals and our core values are built into everything we do from recruitment to appraisals.

A major element of implementing these processes successfully has been due to the help our implementer has given us to ensure we keep on track with the Level 10 meetings, the quarterly strategic meetings, the annual team get together and pushing us all the time so that we complete our quarterly Rocks.

I am in the process of helping two clients implement the Traction process so that they gain the benefits I have seen in our own business, and to take their businesses to the next level by giving them structure, purpose and a vision that will set their business apart from the competition, making them more profitable and most importantly...a better place to work.

If you have any enquiries or you would like to discuss the traction process further, please feel free to email me at or click here.

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