The Importance Of Having An Enjoyable Workplace Environment

Thursday 6 January 2022

Written by Lee Manning

The Importance Of Having An Enjoyable Workplace Environment

Importance of Having an Enjoyable Workplace Environment

My thoughts on this have changed over the years especially with the increase in remote working. Even before the pandemic, I was always trying to implement flexi working to give team members more options where they can balance their working and private lives. This proved very difficult as you must have a very strong culture where there is trust on both sides and this cannot be done overnight. The pandemic forced us to implement this quicker than expected but I think we have started to see the real benefits in our recruitment process and for the general well being of our team. However, one thing really surprised me and that was the number of team members who actually wanted to come to the office. They missed interacting with their colleagues and were more productive working a hybrid method. 

This hybrid method made us think about how we could improve the working conditions of our team members so that when they do come to the office, they enjoy being there and hopefully are even more effective. 

To be honest, to just create something out of the blue I don't think would have been so effective, so we spent hours coming up with our purpose for being which is...“We are excited to truly make an Impact on the Lives of our People and Clients”. As you can see people comes before clients so we decided to back this up by committing to improving the workplace over the 12 months. 

Fast forward, and I am excited to share that we have now launched our new break-out room, fit with a sparkly new kitchen, brainstorming pods and private meeting rooms. The space, in my opinion, and hopefully shared by others is a true reflection of who we are as a brand and business and our values, and I know will act as a template for how we design the rest of the office in the future. 

The only decision left to make is do we have a pool or table tennis table?

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