The Latest E-commerce Trends in 2022

Monday 20 June 2022

Written by Roy Butcher

The Latest E-commerce Trends in 2022

Latest eCommerce Trends

The trends in the eCommerce industry change every year with the advancements in modern technologies to meet the changes in user behaviour and adjust to the other global trends. In the last couple of years, things have drastically changed for the eCommerce industry, especially because of the pandemic and lockdowns.

The eCommerce market around the world is experiencing rapid growth. The primary reasons behind this growth are that online shopping makes things easier for consumers, and almost everything can be delivered to their doorstep.

Another thing that became prevalent is the rise of eCommerce in small towns and cities. Local stores and supermarkets shifted their business online with a website, eCommerce app development, as well as offering products through online marketplaces. Here are the latest eCommerce trends...

Product Visualisation with AR Technology

Before buying products in certain categories, consumers now want to know exactly how they would look. If they purchase a product and don’t feel satisfied after delivery, it can result in a poor customer experience. Therefore, by using augmented reality (AR) technology on an eCommerce site, businesses can provide the consumer with a view of the new product in real time. Consumers are still looking for that traditional experience of a brick & mortar location, but with the convenience of online retail.

eCommerce Platforms to Accept Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have seen a significant upturn in investment. The number of companies now allowing cryptocurrencies as a payment option is definitely increasing. eCommerce businesses are also looking for cryptocurrency wallet development solutions to integrate into websites/apps and remain competitive in the market. Since cryptocurrencies rely on blockchain app development, which keeps everything decentralised, it boosts the confidence of consumers.

Rise of Social and Video Commerce

Video commerce, virtual trial rooms, and three-dimensional animations will contribute to the biggest trends in eCommerce this year. These are supposed to disrupt the current online shopping experience for customers. Video and social commerce are largely driven by influencers. People can now share their photos and videos on the platform the way they do on social media. It's also fun and entertaining while boosting the engagement rate of the eCommerce site.

More Businesses Getting Omnichannel

As the competition among eCommerce businesses is increasing, having an omnichannel presence is critical. With an omnichannel presence, a business can target customers across various platforms, like websites, mobile apps, social media, etc. Regardless of where the customer is, engaging with them on all channels can increase conversion rates and build business revenue. It's also great for boosting the visibility of the brand.

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