Why 2021 Is The Year Of Technology?

Tuesday 22 December 2020

Written by Mehul Thaker

Why 2021 Is The Year Of Technology?

Why 2021 Is The Year Of Technology?

We’re all glad to see the back of 2020, however, despite it being a difficult year for many, 2020 has shown us that we can embrace technology and use it for the better. 

Whether it’s doing your online shopping, participating in a zoom quiz or 10 or even using the various Xero add-ons to streamline your business (see here for our take on this), technology has definitely changed our lives. 

In fact technology has played a big part in helping us to meet and adapt to the challenges faced in 2020. 

The events of 2020 have meant many businesses and individuals have had to accelerate their use of technology to overcome issues or better their business operations. This has meant that we’re all set up to make 2021 the year of technology.  

So what are the key reasons why 2021 is the year of technology? 

  • Businesses are now used to using cloud for the betterment of their operations and this shift has been seen more so in cloud services such as network integration, data back up and cyber security. This type of cloud integration ultimately makes it easier for remote working.
  • Consequently, businesses are now more experienced and open to the use of technology, whether it’s home working, zoom client meetings or even using Calendly to book client meetings.  
  • Data, data and data – Businesses are learning the importance of using instantaneous data to make key business decisions both financial and non-financial. As a result, they’re depending on more applications and software to process this data and help them make these instant decisions.
  • Roll out of 5G networks – 2021 is hopefully the year we start to see the mass roll out of 5G networks across the country. This will change on the go business working and make us ever connected to our technology that impacts our lives. It will also expediate the use of advanced technologies that need more powerful networks such as virtual reality and augmented reality. Effectively the roll out 5G will accelerate the use of other technology, so it can be seen as the springboard to a whole new world. 
  • Going carbon neutral – Following the governments target to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050,  various industries and sectors are now investing heavily in technology to ensure they’re ahead of the curve. For example take electric cars, nearly all car manufacturers have some variant of an electric and/or hybrid model. Advancements in technology (longer life car batteries and quicker charging points) will all make this possible and only enhancements in technology will help us achieve the ambitious 2050 target. 
  • Business owners have now realised how sensitive their businesses are to economic changes and therefore, want to adapt and become resilient to change. This can be seen by using software to help the business (see here) or using technology to better their product or service and stand out from their competitors. 

Overall, the shift to using more technology may not feel as disruptive after the events of 2020 and how we’ve all had to adapt to change, but the progressive shift in 2021 will continue to disrupt the norm and change the way we think, work and live for the better.

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