Why Do We Need Coaches For Everything, Except Business?

Thursday 1 October 2020

Written by Lee Manning

Why Do We Need Coaches For Everything, Except Business?

Why Do We Need Coaches For Everything, Except Business? 

We all know the importance of coaches in the professional sports world and even the importance for us budding golf players to improve our handicap. So why do we seem to think we don’t need it in the business world? 

Utilising business coaches or mentors in the UK does not appear to be popular compared to other countries and I don’t understand why not. Why would you not want to learn from those with huge amounts of experience to help you grow and improve your own performance running your business? I must admit that in some industries like recruitment it is quite common to have a mentor to help the business look to exit but this is not the norm across all industries. 

What can we learn from the sports world that would benefit businesses? 

You must have the mindset to want to improve or grow. 

This is fundamental to getting the most out of your coach/mentor. If you do not have the right mindset to improve then no matter how good the coach is, you will not improve. If you want to be the best you can be, then a coach will help you get there. Im sure even a prime Tiger Woods, was still being coached and trying to be one step ahead of his competitors. 

A coach forces you to be accountable. 

Having a sports coach push you and making you turn up for training forces you to improve and to try new techniques and instil in you that “practice makes you perfect” mentality. If you were left to train every day without being accountable, then I’m sure you would start to come up with excuses not to train but having someone there to push you and nag you makes a huge difference. The same applies in the business world, if you are made accountable to implement Profit First or to review the KPI’s (Key Performance Indiciators) in your business every few weeks, then I’m sure you will get it done. 

Coaches will be up to date in current techniques.  

A reputable sports coach will be keeping an eye on the latest technological advances and pass them on to make sure you are one step ahead. The same applies with business coaches as they are dealing with loads of other businesses and can pass on improvements from other sectors and also be aware of what is going on in the marketplaceAn example would be using cloud applications and AI to improve efficiency in the workplace. 

Sports coaches are also good listeners. 

I have been watching the recent Amazon Prime documentary called ‘All or Nothing: Tottenham’, and it’s amazing that Mourinho spends a lot of his time not actually coaching his players but listening to them and getting to know what makes them tick. He will try and build up their confidence if they are not playing well and be available whenever he is needed to hear about their personal problems. A business coach does the same and can also be a sounding board for all sorts of issues that will no doubt benefit the business once they are resolved. 

I know that the businesses that I mentor/coach on a regular basis appreciate the ability to have someone to talk to and help them achieve their goals and objectives rather than draft along without really knowing where they are going. 

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