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  • Holiday Home Tax Considerations When Renting Out Your Holiday Home

    A holiday home is a dream for many people. For those lucky enough to actually be able to invest in their dream holiday home, the question is often “to rent or not to rent?”. We summarise the tax considerations if you decide to rent it out.

  • buy to let Are Properties Still a Practical Investment for Buy-to-Let Landlords?

    Over the past few years, there have been some massive tax increases as part of a wider strategy believed to be designed to take the heat out of the property market, in this blog we assess the impact of those changes.

  • London Property Market London Property Investment Market - Good, Bad and Ugly

    We wrote an article in May of 2018 in relation to the London Property Investment Market. But a lot has changed in that period of time! So how has the market performed over the last three years and what is the current forecast for the future?

  • Building Cladding The Cladding Tax Proposal

    Unsafe cladding was brought to the forefront again in May, a month before the 4th anniversary of the Grenfell Tower, a fire broke out at a residential block in Canary Wharf. Many buildings still have to deal with the costly removal of this cladding.

  • Help To Buy Is 'Help To Buy' As Good As It Seems?

    At first glance, the help to buy scheme appears to be an ideal way for prospective homeowners to purchase a home with a 5% deposit. However, a few factors should be carefully considered before committing to this scheme.

  • Tax from the trenches - let property campaign Tax From The Trenches: Beware Of The Cheap Fee Quote

    I had a telephone call with a lady a few weeks ago. She had seen several of my blogs and YouTube posts about the Let Property Campaign and proceeded to tell me that she had rented out two properties for around ten years...

  • The Property Industry’s Role In Recovering From A Recession The Property Industry's Role In Recovering From A Recession

    The UK economy swerved a double-dip recession earlier this year, but still shrunk at its fastest rate in 300 years. However after we have received optimistic plans, what role will the property industry play in the recovery?

  • Budget 2021: Response For Property Industry Budget 2021: Response For Property Industry

    On the 3rd March we were introduced to the 2021 Budget. Rishi Sunak made two major announcements in his budget which were aimed at stimulating the housing market following the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

  • VAT REVERSE CHARGE FOR CONSTRUCTION VAT Reverse Charge for Building and Construction - FAQs

    From 1 March 2021 the domestic VAT reverse charge must be used for most supplies of building and construction services.

  • How Will Brexit Impact The Property & Construction Sectors? How Will Brexit Impact The Property & Construction Sectors?

    I think everyone agrees that Brexit will have a significant short-term and medium-term impact on the property and construction sectors, as economic disruptions always come with uncertainty, and there are numerous risks associated with this.

  • Is Wealth Tax Imminent? Is Wealth Tax Imminent?

    This week the Wealth Tax Commission released the results of its research into proposals for a one-off wealth tax. Depending on the threshold at which the tax is implemented, it could affect between 6% and 17% of the population.

  • Capital Gains Tax: When ‘Simplify’ Really Means ‘Multiply’ Capital Gains Tax: When ‘Simplify’ Really Means ‘Multiply’

    The Office of Tax Simplification has just released its proposals to simplify the Capital Gains Tax (CGT) regime by bringing the rates at which tax is paid on gains in line with those charged on income tax.

  • HMRC Receives Airbnb Letting Data HMRC Receives Airbnb Letting Data

    It’s important for Landlords to realise that HMRC will know about their lettings through Airbnb, so full disclosure of all their taxable property income is essential, including for all prior years.

  • This Is My First Time Buying an Investment Property – What Should I Be Doing? This Is My First Time Buying an Investment Property – What Should I Be Doing?

    I meet a great number of people who ask me this question – sometimes it is existing clients who are about to step into the market for the first time; other times it is people I am meeting for the first time.

  • Tax Tips For The Property Sector Tax Tips For The Property Sector

    We all know the world of tax is a minefield, and businesses in any industry that don’t regularly review their finances run the risk of being either non-compliant or paying more tax than they need to.


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