Why a New Website?

Wednesday 19 August 2020

Why a New Website?

Why a New Website?

We are really excited to announce the launch of our new website and branding, which we believe is a true reflection of who we are, our values and our mission.  

This project was a long time comingFor the past year and a half, we have been working tirelessly on our brand identity, in order to ensure that our brand does justice to the level of service we provide. Our clients would be the first to tell you that we truly go above and beyond to help them achieve their goals, so you can imagine it’s pretty frustrating when they refer someone else to you and your brand just doesn’t do you justice in communicating your value.  

Anyone who has been through the process of a re-brand will tell you, it’s not easy. You have to invest a lot of time into researching the market, establishing your identity, diving in deep with key stakeholders and a whole lot more in order to truly understand exactly what it is that makes your brand stand-out. Only once you have done that are you in a position to take that brand identity and roll it out on your website, in your marketing and across all communications.  

There is the age-old quote, “Why fit in when you were born to stand out? and it couldn’t be truer when it comes to building a brand. Often, businesses in the same sector end up somewhat morphing into each other, using the same information and the same images and it’s easy to get lost in the crowed. Like others, we were guilty of trying to fit in, which is INSANE when you are trying to help people understand all of things that make you unique.  

As you can imagine, we are incredibly excited to see this project go live and, if you are reading this then you are one of the first to experience our new website, it’s features and we can’t wait for you to delve into it further.  

Now, I will of course reveal some of the incredible new features of our website and explain to you how they can add MASSIVE value to you and your business, however I also want to explain to you the ‘WHY’ behind us changing things. 

To put it simply, Raffingers has changed since it was set up in 1980. 

And no, we don’t just mean our name. Since 1980, the world has changed and as such, we have been hardening our resolve in order to not only help you get to grips with your finances, but to use them to offer you the best business and accounting advice in the game. Our aim is to ensure that our clients see maximum results throughout their business journey, whilst protecting and retaining as much of their income as possible. 

We are more than just number crunchers; we help our clients at every stage of the business cycle and aside from the compliance services you would expect, we help lots of clients in areas such as exit planning, profit improvement, strategic business planning and even, marketing.  

It is no surprise that with the development of our enhanced service offering, we would need a website that communicates exactly how we can help our clients 

That’s why we are so proud to be officially introducing our Raffingers Advisory, and Cashflow Improvement (Powered by Profit First) programmes, which you can now find details on within the new website. In these programmes, Raffingers advisors will help to build you a long-term plan that is guaranteed to help you to achieve your bigger picture goals and understand your finances with confidence. 

"The new website and brand identity are a true reflection of who we are. We are far more than your average accountancy firm, and our new website and brand can better communicate that to our clients and our prospects." - Ashlee Bloom, Marketing Manager at Raffingers. 

Not only have our services changed, be we have also developed a bit of a niche when it comes to our clients. Whilst we have clients in all sectors, we specialise in the worlds of RecruitmentPropertyConstruction and Technology and as such, we wanted to ensure that our website had loads of content that would be useful to our clients in those sectors. From tax tips to the best cloud technology to install, our website now provides a hub for clients in these sectors and beyond, that they can use to help build their businesses.  

In addition to our services and specialisms changing, if we are being totally honest – we just hadn’t paid much mind to ‘brand’ in the past. Like many professional service companies, our name came from a merger and our website was essentially just an online business card. All of our efforts were on providing an exceptional service for our clients and building a team of incredible people to help us grow, however we are now at the stage where we want our brand to reflect the work we do, and we want our website to be more 

The new website has been designed to provide business owners with the resources to help them achieve their business goals, whilst also helping to educating clients and future clients of the company's business expertise and enhanced service offering.   

As advisors and thought leaders, it’s important for us to make information regarding finance, business strategy, tax, industry trends and services easily accessible for our current and prospective clients. We love talking all things business and will continue to share with you our knowledge, business growth ideas and tax planning strategies. With that said, a key feature of the website we are excited to reveal is our new free membership only portal ‘The Raffingers Tribe’, which allows its members to tap into an enormous library of how-to industry guides, exclusive articles and amazing perks such as 1 months free Xero subscription for first time users. 


"Our purpose at Raffingers is to truly make an impact on the lives of our clients, and we feel that our new website and extended service offering enables us to do just that." - Lee Manning, Partner at Raffingers. 

We would like to thank our amazing team who have dedicated a lot of time and energy into making this website what it is. 

To find out more and discover how we can help you to become the architect of your future please take a look around the site and if you’d like to schedule a chat with us, please get in touch at 

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